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History in the Making

From a crazy idea to reality.

The Tap Truck mobile bar saga continues in the Eastern Shore.


About Tap Truck Eastern Shore

We knew it was time for a change and we both had long standing dreams of owning our own small business. Even with those two pieces of our puzzle, we didn’t have a clue what the whole picture looked like.  All we knew was that we had to keep gathering more puzzle pieces to work towards creating and achieving our goals and bringing our dreams to life. 

We spent many summer nights in the middle of a pandemic sharing our dreams and visions for “our business”; here is what we gathered. We both love creating memories, we love to travel and meet new people, we love serving others and we love all good things food and drink. After a few months of serious thought and conversations about our dreams, we put that all together in a vintage, mobile package and launched Tap Truck on our big, but small peninsula. Call the unfolding, divine flow. 

We are Joe and Bryna Dawkins, a husband and wife duo, and we own Tap Truck Eastern Shore. Our goal is to help you find another gear for your next event by creating unique memories with the people you love. What better way to celebrate with your guests than around a vintage truck with its own flowing taps?!

We would love to connect with you! Email us at taptruckes@gmail.com

For more information on different Tap Truck locations or bussiness inquiries, please visit Tap Truck USA

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Phone: (410) 490-5590
Email: taptruckes@gmail.com
Location: Eastern Shore, MD / DE

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