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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “Tap Truck”?

We’d like to say Tap Truck Eastern Shore is more of an experience than a rental. Our girl Flo, is a 1970 Chevy C10 panel body fully equipped with a 5 tap system. She shows up to the event in style, parks, and is ready to get the party started!

How many and what types of drinks can you serve from the truck?

Our truck is fully equipped with a 5 tap system and we are proud to say we can pour (just about) anything from our girl. Beer? Of course. Wine? YES! Cocktails, champagne, rose? ALL DAY! Cider, lemonade, sweet tea, gatorade, soda? Yes. Yes. and Yes!

Do you need power or any type of hookups?

Nope! That’s the cool part. Tap Truck can go anywhere you can drive and park a truck and does not require power or water to operate. We can even go indoors!

What comes with your packages?

Our packages come with a drink consultation to provide a unique and customizable drink menu to make your event memorable, our unique Tap Truck of course, a TAPtender (or TAPtenders depending on the size of the event), as well as our customized Tap Truck mobile bar. 

We are also fully licensed and insured and our crew are all TIPS certified.

Do you provide the alcohol?

Unfortunately, due to Maryland and Delaware liquor laws, we cannot provide the alcohol for events.  However, we are able to help create a fully customizable drink menu for your event. Ask us about our amazing partners and we will be sure to make the ordering process flow as smooth as possible. We can also serve alcohol that has already been purchased and supplied by venues and caterers.

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